Friday, March 23, 2012

Beach Burger is Opened & Seasoned

Beach Burger is a pretty small burger shack that just opened up merely a few months on Neighborhood Rd in Mastic Beach. I must admit, when I first ate there (well ordered since there's only one table inside), I was thrilled about the prices but a little nervous about the food. The burgers themselves are extremely greasy - almost like over sized White Castle burgers (and yes they are just as good!) ALL burgers do have onions IN them so I would watch how you order if you are allergic or don't like onions. Surprisingly, it took me a few times to realize this as it is nowhere on the menu - nor does the staff tell you.

It is clearly family run which is kinda adorable as you will go to order and be greeted by the 12 year old son - who seems to be a pro! Very cute! Service is pretty quick and the place is VERY VERY clean for the location! But most importantly , the food, overall is a hit or miss. Let me explain, since you know I had to eat there at least 3 times before advising you guys about the quality.

Burgers are good if you like onions and can handle greasy food. The fries are delicious but extremely salty - which is just how I like them! They are natural fries which means you can taste the difference immediately, skins are still on them! Perfect choice here! The shakes - are just as good as Checkers and White Castle although there is no banana option here =( Just the traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry BUT still worth it! I wouldn't recommend the wings unless you specifically and repeatedly tell them which wings you want. I ordered hot wings and got soggy wings in a clear sauce - not really sure what it was but I was too lazy to bring it back! The chicken sandwiches, on the other hand - perfect! No corny portions here, you get a pretty big sandwich with all white meat and crispy! Perfect!

The prices are very low and completely reasonable for what you get. However, be prepared to order everything separate as burgers do not come with fries, you must order them individually. But they do have a family bag of fries options which really does feed a family of four evenly! Take my advice though - order two bags - the fries really are delicious!

Oh yes and the most important thing - THEY DELIVER!!!!

Beach Burger is located at:
374 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach, NY 11951
(631) 772-1201

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